" PakBargain is a social enterprise which hunts down and strives to empower artists and artisans spread across the country, and trained for this transition."

Handmade Bags

Handmade Bags of Pakistan are very famous and popular in the world.These handmade bags are made off cloth with ornamentation of beads, mirror and different quality of fabric. Beads, mirror and leather pieces are used in the make.

Traditional jewellery

Wearing trendy outfits and shoes doesn’t always make you look stylish sometimes you have to compliment yourself with the right jewelry.
Most people go for fashionable ornaments when it comes to pic jewelry but trust me if you style with vintage jewelry in a precise way, it will enhance your appearance and also add elegance to your attire.

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kohls jewelry
tiffanys jewelry
jeulia jewelry

Home Decor

It is a dream of every homeowner to emphasize the beauty of his home through home accessories and decoration items. These interiors and accessories are often reflections of the homeowner’s personality. Therefore, if you are planning to upgrade your home décor, which goes with your personality, you should consider researching more about handicrafts.