A Traditional Pick for Winters - Shawls

Shawls are always considered an essential when talked about the winters. The warm, cosy and comforting feeling is just connected with the idea of the shawl. If the shawl is hand knitted and embroidered it makes it perfect for occasions like weddings and parties. When the topic of shawls jumps in the conversation it leads to the kinds and colours choices we have or how it can be styled with eastern or western cloths.
The centuries old tradition of wearing shawls is still alive. Though the handmade shawls are now unique and hard to find, as machine work has replaced the hand work but the element of finishing in handcrafted shawls is unmatched.
From fine and sleek pashmina to self printed Ajrak, In Asia there are umpteen kinds of shawls to be found. Most of the shawls are made of wool with embroidery over the borders as well as all over it the shawls. The interesting fact is that men and women both take shawls in winters and count it as essentials.

Pashmina shawls

Pashmina shawl is one of the most premium quality shawls of the world. The elegance it adds to the overall look is astonishing. These shawls are only crafted in Kashmir and that is what makes them distinguished from others. The exquisite and delicate work done on the shawls is so hard to be found In any other part of the world. The lightweight yet warm shawl is widely available online.

Woolen Scarfs

Woollen scarfs are shorter in length and used in place of stolers. They keep the neck warm and look chic. The modern looking shawls are usually made of wool and knitted from hands. They are a great pick to get warm and cosy feel in the cold weather. The woollen scarfs look great when paired with coats. The colour range is amazing and can become part of any outfit eastern or western, as you want to carry it.


Men Shawls are widely known as chaddar in south Asia. The chaddars are handmade woollen shawls mostly worn by men in Asia. Chaddars have symbolic value in many regions of the Sub-Continent. These shawls are embellished with thread work. These shawls are worn by men and women both but have different colour ranges for both.

velvet shawls

Velvet shawls are modern day shawls heavily embroidered with golden and silver thread. The heavy weight shawls are common for formal wear. The bridal wear also includes these shawls to complement the look. Moreover these shawls are liked for the unconventional stuff and material used in the making of the shawls. These trendy and elegant shawls just upgrade the whole look of the outfit.

Sindhi Thari

Sindhi Thari are considered as a special kind of shawl, mostly made in the interior sindh and liked for the vibrant color and designs. These shawls are different from the usual shawls in terms of the designs as they are made of patch work, handcrafted, these patches are then stitched together to make unique items. These shawls are worn by both men and women, in different styles.