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5 Ways to use Rugs in your Space!

No doubt that rugs are the most ideal sustainable item to decorate your space and give it a more warm and homely feel.

Traditionally, Rugs have been used for the floors only, but things have changed now and you can explore way too many ideas when it comes to rugs. Starting from dining to beds to walls, there are a lot of options available out there.

We’re going to show you five innovative ways!


1. In the Dining Room

Luxe, elegant, and classic rugs look great anywhere in the room, but to make the dining area more interesting and traditional, Rugs are perfect to go under the table.

You can create a Bohemian-chic setting for the get-t-gathers while adding a cozy feel with its textures and patterns, inspired from old nomadic times.

A plus is that it is a great addition to bring balance with the mismatched dining set, making it more natural with the addition of wooden furniture.


2. In the Kitchen

Rugs in the kitchen is a traditional way of styling your kitchen, but here we have an idea to bring some uniqueness to your one.

Either going for just one runner, try two small rugs with some space in between. It can work well in the kitchen, giving it a bit different look.

Rugs are loved for their coziness combined with the causal look. The fact that nubby textures warm up the whole kitchen instantly makes them the perfect item for the décor. Also, there are washable pieces that so one doesn’t need to fear the spills happening in the kitchen.

The rag rugs come in a variety of options – the soft, muted patterns are ideal. Also, you can go for the ones with strips and vertical patterns for the narrow kitchens.


3. Over the bed

We know how trendy are minimalist rooms nowadays but the addition of color and patterns can make up for the liveliness, you want to add to the room.

A perfect way to add such interest is to have some accent rugs over the top of your bed. Try topping your bedding with the flat-weave rug. Its vivacious addition would make the room inviting and vibrant.

You can fold it and simply use the bed once it's time to climb under the covers. It is an ideal setup for the summers, as it is a great replacement for the heavy duvet.


4. In The Bath

Well, we know, it might something new for you, but swap out your basic bathmats and replace it with something decorative.

The bamboo or sisal, the natural-fiber rugs, carry warm, organic textures that offset all the glossy surfaces of the bath. Also, they are great to damp, especially in humid conditions. 

These rugs are durable and vintage in style, perfect for a unique place like a bath. Also, these vintage rugs have held up to years of wear and tear, so a few drops of water won’t do any lasting harm.


 5. On the Wall

Well, the vintage rugs are the true depiction of art with their vibrant hues and intricate handwoven designs that can become part of your wall while upgrading the whole vibe of your space.


 So why not pride your walls with their addition?


Rugs with fine borders, adorned with floral artwork or repeating patterns such as stripes and chevrons look gorgeous too.

You can experiment with it with a combination of your sofa cushions to create some harmony in the room.

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