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How to know the Right Material for Your Rugs?

While selecting the right rug for your space, tons of things come to your mind such as color, patterns, design and so forth ... but material is an element that stays at the bottom of list.

Well, we believe material is the most important factor in the rugs, it directly impacts the life of the rug and its durability. Good quality of material leads to a sustainable piece of craft, that allows you to keep it for years and years.

On the other hand, low quality rug material is only good to be used when it’s for a fad and is placed for a temporary period like a particular season or festival. You can find them relatively affordable because of their short life spam.

Rugs are made with various natural and synthetic materials, and each one comes with its good and bad sides. Some are more sustainable than others or can bear wear-and-tear better or feels more comfortable. Of course, it depends on your budget and preferences at the end of the day. Common materials used in the production of rugs are wool, silk, cotton, natural grass, animal hides, and synthetic looms.

So, let’s jump in the type of materials available for rugs and how can you choose a suitable one as per the ned of your place!

1. Wool

Wool is the most common and popular material used for rugs making, and carpets made from wool are always considered to bring a sense of warmth and cozines to your space. Also, the reason, wool is the most desirable material for rugs because its eco-friendly and sustainable, as harvested from sheep during the summer and it naturally grows back year after year.

Australia and New Zealand are top producer of the finest wool in the world, which is furthermore used to create high-quality rugs. Rugs that are made with wool are more durable and last up to 60 years, depending on the technique used for its making. The fibers of wool are quite resilient, stay retained to their shape when pulled or stretched. Along that, they are stains and water-resistant, due to natural lanoline that covers the surface of the strands

Wool is perfect for homes because of its fire-resistant properties. Moreover, its soft and comfortable feel under the feet make it an excellent floor covering.

2. Silk

When it comes to luxurious carpets then silk stands at the top, for its feel, style, and authenticity. Persian and Oriental rugs are counted as the most lavish styles in the rugs, for the very fact that they are made with pure silk.
Silk has smooth texture and a stunning luster that is considered ideal for making rugs, as silk is the optimal material for creating artifacts and decorative pieces.

It takes a considerable time to get crafted as it has lower density wool and requires more knots per square inch. Silk rugs are used foe featuring intricate floral and geometric patterns. Also, the interesting fact about these stunning rugs is that the natural fibers hold dye well, so its color fading with time makes it more gorgeous as the rugs ages.

Silk rugs are remarkable, but they are also delicate and can get deshaped quickly if mishandled or not properly stored. If would realise on your spree for rugs shopping that silk carpets are significantly expensive and considered as an investment rather a piece of décor. They also require you to get them cleaned from professionals which, of course adds to the total cost.

It is suggested to keep these rugs in a less crowded place like your study or drawing room or place it on the walk, or display it as a piece of statement on the back of the coach, as it not suited for areas with high foot traffic. It will just increase its life spam and would naturally get into a vintage stuff after a few years.

Rugs made of silk are our favorite and you can find a huge collection of them on our official website. So, don’t wait and get your hands on some of the most iconic and exclusive handmade silk rugs collection of the era.

3. Cotton

Cotton is the most suitable material for rugs when you must place them in casual spaces like kitchens, bedrooms, or dining rooms. The amount of versatility you get to witness in the cotton rugs is commendable starting from nodes to waves to colors and designs, there is a full lot of options out there. 

Cotton rugs are the most affordable type of rugs, as it allows you to change the appearance of the room without huge damage to your pocket. They are considered a practical option if you’re looking for something easy to clean and low in maintenance. Regular vacuuming or a machine wash is enough to remove the stains.

You can extend its life span by using it with some care, however as it's the “Cotton” you can expect it to last for a couple of years. BUT the aging of the rug would show up much sooner than the rugs made with a more resilient material such as wool.


4. Animal Hides

One of the most traditional yet trendy types of material used for rugs is animal hides, mostly made with sheepskin or cowhide. It is a natural material known as a by-product of the food industry.

The methodology used in its making is similar to leather production, the skin undergoes a curing and tanning process to remove any odor and prevents hair from shedding afterward. Although, animal skin is not liked by everyone for the fact that it includes animal cruelty some others argue that using them as the rug is a lesser evil than throwing them.

The patterns on the animal hide rugs are always unique and bring exclusiveness in every piece, depending on the breed and natural marking of the animal, so two rugs are never the same. These rugs are water-resistant because of their natural oil coating. Another good thing about rugs made with animal hide is that they are durable exactly like leather and can stay in good condition for a longer period. 

You don’t need to worry a lot about the cleaning of the rugs, as a regular vacuum and spot cleaning with some specific detergents are enough to remove stains or dust.

You can put these rugs on walls or coaches, but you may need a large room or ample space to place it in an area with high foot traffic. A cowhide is successful to become the center of attention displayed in its full size!


5. Synthetic

These rugs are made from artificial fibers, yet they don’t look or feel fake or plasticky. Mostly synthetic fiber is used to replicate the look and feel of natural materials, as semi-synthetic fibers are produced by extracting cellulose from plants.

The rugs made from synthetic materials are not as durable and resilient as those made from a natural material, but they make up in terms of affordability, the amount of variation available in designs and patterns, and ease in maintenance. Another good fact about these rugs is that they hold color well and some are engineered to resist stains, moister, and insects.

SO, you can keep them in Kitchen, bathrooms, and hallways, especially in the area with high foot traffic.