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The Centuries Old Art - Blue Pottery

The land of Multan is quite famous for it’s soil and saints. The way art and culture is preserved by the residence of that land is unmatched and astonishing and so is their love for the pottery. The blue pottery is unique to it’s core as can hardly be found as fine and beautifully done in any other part of the world.


The fact that it requires the special technique, skill and diligence can not be denied. This art require peculiar attention and detail oriented attitude, which makes this kind of art hard to learn and retain. The generations of generations are involved in learning this skill and passing by to the next. It is sad that these craftsmen are underappreciated in terms of compensation and recognition. The amount of hard work put into the blue pottery is exceptional and rare to be found. For that reason PakBargain has taken an inspiring initiative to introduce them to the world and vice-versa, by providing them a platform where they can get their due recognition as well as, justified compensation for their art. 

The terminology of “blue pottery” is originated from the blue Persian color used for making the impressions on the surface of the pots. The process of making this pottery is not as simple as the other potteries. It is way more time taking and require special attention in order to maintain the quality and their uniqueness. It is more than a clay - as many people remain unaware for their entire life that it is made with the mixer of Egyptian paste and Multani clay - only found in the city Multan - Pakistan, South Asia. The other elements include, quartz stone powder, gum, borax and water. 

The small patterns of flowers made on the pots are captivating enough for an admirer of art. The fun fact about the blue pottery is that it is now not limited to only pots and vases but large range of kitchen ware is now introduced around the globe, which can easily accessible for anyone living at the other part of the world - via ordering online.

Back in the age, these blue pottery used for only tiles making to be used for mosques, palaces and tombs as can be witnessed around the Asia. But in today’s modern world, blue pottery art pieces are a great source of home decoration. a piece or two of these beautiful and elegant artifacts can transform the whole look of one’s room, as a house would be giving the perfect vibes of an ethnic place. It would definitely add some contrast to the wall paint and furniture. In order to hook a great look to your living room or entrance to your house it is a best option to avail, especially when confused about the decision.

The most efficacious fact about the blue pottery is that these artifacts can not be cracked easily unlike the other fragile pottery. Moreover, they are washable and does not loose their luster upon wash. Even, centuries old designs look modern and up to date to become part of the any corner of the house or office.   

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