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The Infamous Handcrafted Footwears; Chappals

Peshawari chappal

The strong nodes to traditions are tied by keeping the legacy of your inheritors alive, in terms of customs and costumes. This quote has been religiously followed by the Pakhtoon of South Asia. The legacy of wearing quality footwear has been maintained till today. As the name says, Peshawari chappal, streets of streets and bazaars of the oldest city of Asia are associated with the footwear. These chappals are quite famous all around the world and a rise in demand has been observed in the past few decades. It has redefined the formals in the region.


kaptaan Chappal

The modern day chappal has a lot of new names and at the same time new designs. One of such new chappals is widely known as Kaptan chappal. These chappals are slightly different as the sole of the shows is wide and broad. They got famous around the globe for its unique new look. These chappals can be worn with Shalwar kameez or under jeans. The material used in the making of Kaptan chappal is high in quality, handcrafted super comfortable chappal designed in accordance with the modern day fashion.

Norozi Chappal


Sleek and shiny handmade chappals are not only a deluxe pick to wear but at the same time it’s attention grabbing. The Norozi chappal is chosen mostly for the festive and formal occasions. The shiny texture of the chappal makes it unique and outstanding among the other choices. Although the colour choices are limited they can be paired up with any outfit as they go in contrast with all of them. They are famous around the region as well as in the world. They are available on Amazon, etsy and Pakbargain. Visit for more info visit



Suede chappal

This kind of chappal is considered as a pure elegant and royal selection. They are different and high quality chappal made of pure suede. Suede chappals are one the modern day chappals with a variety of colours available, bright to lighter tones. The great thing about these traditional yet modern chappal is that they can be worn in summers as well as in winters. They look perfect with shalwar kameez, shawl and Chitrali hat in winters and waistcoats in summers. The suede material is a new addition in the list of material used in the making of these chappals and became the reason for them being famous.



Leather chappal

The leather chappals are one of the oldest kinds of chappals to be found in the region of south Asia. They are popular among the natives as well as in the western world. The leather chappals are comfortable to wear and have iconic importance among the pakhtoon culture. The traditional chappal is purely handcrafted and introduced by big brands in the USA and UK. These footwears are available on several online platforms to buy and be delivered around the world. These premium quality shoes are considered as a perfect choice for gifts.