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Why to Buy Rugs for the Home Décor?

Is the rug an ultimate solution when it comes to room or house décor? We heard it many times, so what about you?


Do you believe it transforms the look of the space with its warmth and coziness?


Well, we kind of agree with these statements and are here to convince you too, if you think otherwise. 

Various reasons make the rugs are the perfect item to be picked, as it adds rich detail to your living and makes it more exciting and worth sitting.


So, here are the top ten reasons you should go for rugs this time!



 1. Use them to define the areas!


You can use the rugs to define a space, such as if the seating and dining area are in the same room, a rug can define or separate the place.


This idea is mostly applicable in big rooms or studio apartments. 




2. Add Variety


Rugs are perfect to be added for the touch of variety in a space. If you’re using two Rugs in the same room, it is recommended to use different sizes of rugs so that it doesn’t look like you’re using it to visually cut the room but to create a sense of variety.



 3. Create Harmony


Rugs can be laid to be used as a focal piece of item in the room, so other decorative are placed in accordance. This is how you can create some harmony in the room.


Also, if using two separate rugs then it's better to select both in a sample style to complement each other. Otherwise, too many patterns can create an unpleasant effect and will do away with any kind of harmony in the space.


 4. Place it for the color scheme


You can use it for the basis of the color scheme or pallet in a room, and match everything else accordingly.  


Or, if you already have your furniture in place then it can be used as an accent or tie in your existing theme of colors.



 5. Balance the Volume


A rug can be an ultimate solution in both cases, either you want to soften the visuals in the room or turn up the volume, as per your need.


If your wallpapers or wall paint has an ornate pattern, a subtle rug would be the most suitable for it. And when the walls are subdued, you can go for heavy patterns or older colors to make the room livelier.   


 6. Create a Focal Point

Place the rug as the focal point in the space, as rugs can make a huge difference in the room. You can paint your walls a tone that resonates with any one of the shades presents in the Rugs patterns.



 7. Dress up the wall


A very unconventional way of styling the Rug is to hang it over the wall and display it like a centerpiece or backdrop.


 It can make your whole space more vibrant and classic, at the same time.



 8. Play with the shapes



It is not necessary that the rug has to be rectangle in shape, new trends have introduced various new shapes that you can try.


You can pick the shape according to your furniture and its style. Experiment with shapes and choose the one that goes best with your room’s furniture arrangement. 



 9. Always get the Right Size

While buying a room-size rug, you should subtract 3 feet from the length and width of the room. The left space over the edges makes the room look a little, larger.


Also, when laying a rug under your dining table, leave at least 24” of the rug from the edge of the table. This is how the chair's back legs stay on the rug, even when pulled out to sit.


And the runners should be 4 inches narrower than your hallway and 18 to 24” shorter, to make sure they are wide enough to accommodate both feet on the rug when you walk.




10. Have A New Room Makeover!

Try to experiment with new rugs and pillows more often to give a fresh look to the space. It can happen with every new season, or on some special occasions like Christmas or family get-to-gather.