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5 Home Decor Ideas on Budget

Change is an unavoidable truth but not necessarily negative every time. There are instances in our life where we, ourselves, need change to bring in the raise of positivism in your lives. Believe it or not, the environment is the foremost element we tend to change at first, without a doubt our space of living. Well, before the idea of making changes in our surroundings becomes a headache, of course, because of the damage it will cause to our pocket, you should know that it is possible by spending zero to minimal money in this matter. How? .. I have got!!! Here are few amazing, amazing, simple yet realist ideas to give your whole house a new look.

1- Redecorating

The easiest way to bring some change to your living area is to redecorate each corner of your home. NO! By that it doesn’t mean to buy new stuff for your house and change each item it has. The thing is you just need to relocate the things or make them to be used for some other purpose then the conventional one. Declutter your shelves, Tabletops and cabinets - pit some fresh flowers. Change the place of your sofas and chairs. Use your stool as a side table, bring the lamp on it which you have put aside at the corner of your room.

2- Lamps

Buying new lamps??? Not enough Money for that. Wait let us figure this out. How about changing the shades only? Sounds like a plan. Sometimes all you just need to do is to see things from a different perspective. Bring the new shades to your lamps and give your room a new look. Believe me, it’s going to put a lot of impact to the overall look.

3- Wall decoration

Wall decoration does not need you to buy heavy fine farms or decor pieces. Have you heard of DIY? Old pictures and some plain wooden sticks? Yes, you got me right?. If your photo albums are getting ruined in the drawers in the era of Google don’t worry. Make some use of it and refresh your memories as well. Take all sizes of photos and frame them at home with wood or hard board, it’s easy, convenient and cheap. Cherry on the top, you can design them as you like with a bit of creativity, surely you do have.

4- Recycle old jars

The old jars - mostly, slightly cracked but you never the heart to throw them so you have kept them in the drawers. It’s time to bring them out and convert them into vases, which will carry the flowers, colored stones and if not anything your makeup brushes. Make some use of those jars and stunt your room’s corners with grace and beauty.

5- Explore your store

Last but not the least, explore your store and find stuff you have thrown into it considering useless or out of fashion. Imagine turning your old bed sheets into curtains or making some beautiful table covers of your old silky dresses. Bring out those old tables and chairs you promised to repair the next season but it never happened well, the time is here so do things which make you feel more productive and help you to spend some time with your own thoughts while dusting the creativity residing inside you for decades.

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