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A Tale of Unsung Heroes: The Artisans of Asia

The developing countries have their own struggles which includes lack of resources, corruption and poor treatment of the available work force - eventually leading to economic disasters. The lack of sustainability in the air does not let the small and large industries grow on the normal rate which again directly and indirectly hits the common man - the workforce, and this circle of disproportional economy stays alive for decades.

In the frugal economies of the developing countries, the chances of neglection of art, craft and their creators - craftsmen are plentiful. In the developing countries, the artisans are underpaid and their art is unrecognized, the lack of interest from the most of the governments leaves zero motivation for the craftsmen to keep up with the businesses. There is usually one bread earner for the family of five to ten, low income underlies one of the reasons that the local artisan have left apprenticeship and started looking for other occupations further, as they can not meet their end meets in the current circumstances.

There is a literal gap in the market for the opportunities for the local artisans of the developing countries. The limited resources and less literacy about globalization did not let them ever cross their boundaries and reach out to the world. Even when the demand escalated in the market they left unheard. The developing countries have failed to give them any proper platform to display their art, talent and hard work. The reason artisans from these countries are still lagging behind is that they are not educated enough about the potential available opportunities internationally and locally. They need proper awareness about the concept of globalization and how much their art and craft is appreciated outside their country.

These local artisans are underpaid and exploited at the hands of the retailers and exporters. They do not get even half of the compensation for the amount of effort and hard work they put into their work. The fact that most of the artisans are women, make art pieces at home and they do not have the access to the direct market they are misused by getting pressured as they have to support their families. The lack of policies to protect artisans from such atrocities by authorities have made the situation worse in the recent years.

All such reasons have forced the craftsmen to either compromise the quality of their work or simply leave the market. PakBargain took initiative to provide sustenance to such small workshops and their workers by providing the platform to exhibit their art and craft and have the chance of getting fairly compensated and recognized around the world. Quality assurance is the integral part of the whole process which has been taken care of by PakBargain itself. The goal is to back the artisans and appreciate their work. In order to support these small scale businesses you can visit the website of PakBargain.

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