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Crafts of Kashmir

The breathtaking beauty of Kashmir is not unheard at any part of the world. The scenic views and mesmerizing lakes of the place are not the only things special about it, but the phenomenal art and skill of the craftsmen is also one of the gifts nature as bestowed Kashmir with. This part of the world, also known as “The Heaven”, has a lot more to offer to the world in terms of artifacts and remarkable goods made with so much of effort and hard work that it is near to impossible to not get captivated by the beauty of those pieces of art.

Kasmiri Shawls - Pashmina

Starting from the infamous shawls, Pashmina, has always been a luxury. The centuries old skill of making best out of the fragile wool of the mountain goats is still unbelievable. The process followed through out in the making of these shawls is itself an answer to the “why Kashmir shawls are a luxury?” No matter how hard the modern world has tried to replace the handmade goods with the machine work, the loyals to artwork could never move on. The beautiful embroidery tells the tales of the hard work that has been put into each piece.

Kashmiri Carpets

Moving to the next, not to surprise many, Kashmir Carpets are world renowned crafts which are again handmade. The delicate and beautiful carpets require uncommon skill sets which are possessed by the Kashmiri artisans. The carpet weaving is 500 years old practice in the Kashmir valley, the stone of Carpet Industry was laid by Sultan Zainul A abideen popularly known as Bud shah brought few Persian craftsmen to the valley so they could impart training and vocational skills to the locals.

Wood Carving

Wood carving has a long history and it would not be wrong, if we consider it one the oldest form of arts. Kashmir Valley dominates in this kind as well, the wooden crafts made of walnut wood is one of the specialties of the valley. The local craftsmen rejoice in creating intricate and astonishing designs. The reason for constantly craving such art pieces is that they are durable and long life and at the same time it makes you believe in the wonders a man can do.

Papier Mache

Papier Mache is french word and has the origin of Persia, but it is a specialty of the region Kashmir in the world. What makes this kind of craft so unique and eye catching is the fact that papier Mache is such a delicate art which makes it unbelievable that it has been crafted by hands. Such a vibrant, colorful and decorated piece of art carrying the history of 600 years along and alive, within. It is primarily made in Kashmir and exported all over the world.

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