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Five Places to buy Himalayan salt products

Himalayan Salt - Just the fine pink crystals

Nowadays, the pink Himalayan salt is everywhere. Could not only you find it in grocery stores and specialty food outlets, but its elegant color has also made it a literal staple in kitchen products and table lamps. Himalayan salt is mined in the Punjab district of Pakistan, in the foothills of the Himalayas. Pink Himalayan salt is extracted by hand from Khewra Salt Mine, Pakistan. It is modestly refined to have a natural alternative to standard table salt. It is available online everywhere. Let us have a look at top five online marketplace where you can buy it.

Himalayan Salt Factory:

Himalayan Salt Factory is an online marketplace where you can find varieties of Himalayan salt product from salt to lamps to diffusers. Everything about Himalayan salt at one place. Prices varies from product to product. Delivering all over the world. Apart from Himalayan salt products, they have many other products such as gemstones products, candle holders, gift cards etc. Himalayan Salt Factory also have blog section which helps you to choose the right product for yourself. Visit their website to view amazing products.


Pak Bargain:

On top five product for Himalayan salt, I will rank Pak Bargain on second. Pak Bargain puts Himalayan Region Artisans hard work up front, but also offers due recognition. Pak Bargain mission is to promote and recognize the contributions of Himalayan Region Artisans to produce an amazing piece of art. Pak Bargain is an online marketplace for handicraft from Himalayan region. They bring the most beautiful handicrafts in every category that you wished for. From wall décor to Himalayan salt, they have everything. Their prices are reasonable. From researching, this is best for salt products. Among all, I like Pak Bargain and the most important that I like in this marketplace is that 5 percent of sale products money is donated to nonprofit organization. Those who can afford I will suggest buying from there as it will help others.



On top five product for Himalayan salt, I will rank SumRaf on third place. SumRaf International Pvt Ltd. was established in 2016. It includes varieties of products. They have different collection of salt lamps. Their most sold item is Himalayan Salt lamps. Their website is extremely user friendly. Delivering all over the world. It has shipping cost calculator which helps its customers for shipping related queries. Overall, it’s good for Himalayan salt product shopping


Chlorella Europe:

Chlorella Europe was founded in 2003 and is operated by PAC Corporate Limited with the sole goal of offering high-quality green superfood goods at great prices and inexpensive operation. It is store of different organic handmade products and it was first UK online store to sell different organic products. It has different types of Himalayan salt. They deliver to different parts of Europe except for USA and Canada due to some sort of reasons. Himalayan Salt can be found under other products category.


Bien manger

Bien Manger is an on-line delicatessen for everyone who likes healthy food and enjoys exploring new recipes and gourmet experiences. If you are a skilled chef, a convert to molecular gastronomy, a connoisseur of classic French cuisine, curious about local specialties, in search of unique foods, concerned about consuming more organic and fair-trade items, or gifts to someone who loves food. It has varieties of Himalayan products .Finely grained Himalayan salt to Himalayan nuts.