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Onyx and Marble: The Art work Pakistani Artisans

We have heard this phrase many times in our life that a man transforms himself into anything he wants with his will and hard work - and have witnessed such instances in our lives as well. But here we are talking about humans transforming stones into majestic pieces of art with their skills and cerebral for art and craft. What we are actually referring to is Onyx and Marble stones turned into Masterpieces - Artifacts.

Himalayan region, it’s mountains, people living in these mountains and their crafts are quite renowned around the globe. Anyone who is a keen observer and has a slight interest in the vast topic of Art is well aware of this fact.

Now let’s do some real talk .. how stones found beneath the earth are turned into something called art pieces.

Today, we will get some insight about it and how these Onyx and Marble’s artifacts paved their way in the world of artistry.

Onyx and Marble are millions of years old stones, evolved over this period - approximately 30 to 60 millions years old. The one of the finest and rarest kind of onyx stone is Green onyx, a clear and translucent stone, and it becomes crystal clear in the presence of light. There are numerous other shades as well, White Onyx, Banded Onyx, Dark green Onyx and Multi- Green Onyx. These Onyx are used in the making plates, Tea mat, chess set, decoration pieces and tiles, as well as in mosaic art. The famous buildings and mosques are also made of these beautiful stones including Taj Mehal and the magnificent Badshahi Mosque. What stuns the tourists, ending up buying these crafts is the virtuous craftsmen's work and perfection in creating these items. These crafts are created with special skill set and requires meticulousness while creating them. The fine looking pieces are made with so much dedication that sometimes it feel kike that the artisans creating them are under appreciated and this art is losing it’s value over the time. As the governments and local authorities are continuously ignoring their skill and efforts in the way of art. The platforms like PakBargain have taken the infinitive to reminisce about these art and skill sets by giving the online space to bring their crafts online and get their due recognition. As well as, such online forums are a source of globalization. These local artisans, deprived of the acknowledgement, now have a chance to revive this art. And most definitely they need your support in all matters. Do visit the website of PakBargain support the cottage industries of Himalayan Region or visit the local areas and markets and avail this chance to see the beauty of these decorative pieces at one place. Evolving with time is important and that is why you will witness how these artisans have upgraded their art work and made artifacts which are breathlessly marvelous .

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