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Our Story

Pakistan a country of rich history in art and craft, each region has its own specialty – Captivating and alluring handicrafts. Thousand-year old art, making its way into the modern day with its unique designs and embellishments created with hands, world class quality crafts. These customs belongs to ancient time of Harappa, Mohen Jo Daro and Indus Valley civilizations. Pakistani crafts are famous due to its enticing hues and eye-catching textures.

Promoting the underappreciated artisans of Pakistan

Pak bargain is a platform which is not only bringing the hard work of local artisans on the up front but also, giving due recognition. Our motive is to encourage the local artisans and acknowledge their efforts for making the incredible piece of art. The artisans in our country have done phenomenal work in this field. Their virtuosity in this skill whether it is weaving, designing, embroidery or painting.

Blending the Modern and classical Art

The astonishing art has now variety of blended bit of modern and classical artifacts. Striking bright colors with beautiful designs made with paintings on antique pieces – lanterns, Crockery, and Toy trucks has been the most renowned and attractive of all.

Sindhi Embroidery Motifs

Sindhi embroidery carries its own refinement and delicacy, the origins of this hue lies in the sub-continent, now Pakistan. The interlacing stitching work has been part of Sindhi culture for thousands of years till today. It showcases the most beautiful patterns showing dynamic and appealing impression. Moreover, the specialty of Sindhi motifs is that they are made on dyed cloth printed materials.


The truck art from Pakistan is one of the most renowned artifact from Pakistan with its unique sense of artistic taste. Trucks in Pakistan are known for their decorative bodies with paintings, poetries and lightings which make them typical Pakistani trucks, unlike other trucks produced all around the world. These trucks have become the cultural identity of Pakistan with its artistic work all over it. In addition to that, it is not limited to trucks but now it will be found on lanterns, toy trucks and rickshaws and tea kettles as well.


The camel skin lamps is a handwork that has been practiced for hundreds of years. This valuable skill of decorating the camel skin is known as NAQASHI in the local language.
This is considered as family skill which is running down the line through generations in the city of Pakistan Multan.


Peshawari Chappal, a worldwide popular traditional footwear of Pakistan named after the City of Pakistan, Peshawar and the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtu Khwa. This foot ware is made with genuine lather, sophisticated designs are added to the upper leather before it is put into a mould which stretches it to a size and its sole often made of truck tyre. Moreover, it is a semi closed sandal which can be used with any kind of cloths either Shalwar kameez or Jeans, these days


Pakistan is famous for its delicate carpet designs, and its specialty is that they are hand made with highest quality of wool, silk and cotton. These carpets are made in different regions but areas near Iran and boarder of Afghanistan has the most artisan making these beautiful carpets and rugs of its own kind.
The dominating colors of these carpets are red and blue together with other colors to flourish its unique designs.


When it comes to art and craft, pottery stands out for its appealing and elusive art. Covering small decorative pots to kitchenware, it has huge range variety and distinct. Pottery which is also known as ceramic art, is made with clay using incredible skills and abilities molded into beautiful vessels, vase and much more. The pots are then decorated magnificent designs. Each region has its own tactic, Multan is historically rich civilization and is popular for its blue pottery. The delicacy has roots from Persian and Turkish culture.