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Our Story


Pak Bargain, an internet marketplace designed for the convenience of online shoppers, is the self-explanatory term. It has not left any part of the business out of your control, everything is one touch away, beginning from Apparels to Real State to Export Gallery. Pak Bargain has taken on the task of illustrating the true side of Pakistan through its quality and exclusive goods, nowhere to be seen in the country, to the whole world. We have a 24/7 customer service presence on every social media site. In addition, the regular update in our online shop would not encourage the client to leave our store without purchasing something. The explanation for this is that the best goods on the market are frequently launched. Our business model is structured to ensure that any person with the highest quality and price will find the right answer for their needs.

Our Business Practice:

Pak Bargain is each person's absolute prerequisite. These days, the clutter of sales and offers offered on the internet is misleading and sometimes manipulative. Without any care for consistency and costs, we think you should be conscious of the ins and outs of the market and select the product. We offer you best deals, promotions and items that are not only the best available on the market, but also focused on customer and client testimonials. This is how we not only satisfy the obligation of quality protection, the latest offers on their goods are also available on our website every day. The challenge of visiting the website of and brand and browsing for those on sale is not a great experience. PakBargain brought a solution to your dilemma.

Our Mission:
‘‘Promoting The Underappreciated Artisans of Pakistan”

Pak bargain is a forum that not only puts local artisans' hard work up front, but also offers due recognition. Our mission is to promote and recognize the contributions of local artisans to produce an amazing piece of art. In this region, the artisans in our country have done phenomenal work. If it is weaving, drawing, embroidery or painting, their virtuosity is in this talent.

“Bringing a lot of discounts and deals from your favorite brands”

Based on consumer feedback, we bring out the tone of discounts available out there and put the most deserving product on the front. This is a constant update, like Facebook and Instagram, for each of our social media. It is not exclusive to just these two, but we also produce videos containing the product's essential details. You can find such videos on YouTube. We also extended our presence to overseas retail places such as Etsy and Amazon. Our mission is to provide local or international consumers with comfort.

Our Main Focus:
Export Gallery

A central aspect of Pak Bargain is the export gallery. This initiative has not only been taken to expose the world to our distinct history and its centuries of old artwork, but also to provide our artisans with advantages for their skill and hard work. Since the skill set involves a lot of hard work and commitment, local crafts have been ignored to the limit of extinction. The neglectful actions of the media and exporters hindered the promotion of hand-made goods. Pak Bargain is a well-established forum for all artisans working on our website to sell their goods in any part of the country and to make the world aware of the sides of Pakistan they never knew. There are separate items in the export gallery, distinguished on the basis of substance and graft. It begins with textile items and finishes with the work on the mosaic mirror. Each product line is focused on the delicacy of our local artificer.

What do we export?

Each product line is focused on the delicacy of our local artificer

Sindhi Crafts:

Sindh is blessed with many natural resources that attract people's interest and especially attract foreigners. Interestingly, Sindh's exciting community is under the great influence of Sufi policies and canon. In Sindh, there are interesting things that are incredibly admired by people from all over the universe. Sindh is renowned for a wide variety of folk crafts, such as lacquer painting, Farasi weaving, blue pottery, Sindhi embroidery, ajrak (shawl), block printing, traditional carpet weaving, Rilli (appliqué work), tie-dye, Khes (blanket) weaving, woodwork, Thari embroidery, and many others.

The Truck Art

Over the past 10 years, Pakistan Truck Art has become the most common in the West, including various hand-painted floral designs, artwork, famous personality characters, and some interesting individual stories. Art is most popular on the Karachi buses and trucks and has drawn many visitors from the West. The art of Pakistan has always been admired by many visitors for its rare and stunning mix of colours. There are many Pakistan art style items which can add colors and feels to your home. Wall hangings , frames, clocks , kitchenware , tea kettle etc. Pakistan skilled artists are bringing Pakistan truck art to every new product daily. They can either be spoons or any big furniture object .

Camel Skin Lamp

Camel lamps are a small piece of desert made of dried camel skin and decorated to produce a special art afterwards. Light perforates through the translucent camel skin to generate the shadows of the desert night. In Cholistan and Multan, they are made. Multan City's specialty is camel skin lamps, and it is the only city that manufactures camel skin lamps worldwide. In different nations of the world, because of their elegance and beautiful colour patterns, these lamps are more common. In the local language, the craft of making and decorating these camel skin objects is called Naqqashi. For Camel Skin Products, a Multan custom is Naqqashi. For camel skin and wooden products, naqqashi is very common.

Peshawari Chappal & Khussa

Peshawari Chappal is Pakistan's traditional footwear, worn by Pashtuns in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region in particular. Casually or formally, Peshawari Chappal is worn by men, usually with the Shalwar Kameez outfit. In Pakistan, it is used in lieu of a sandal or slipper due to its comfort. The footwear is made with genuine leather, sophisticated designs are added to the upper leather before it is put into a mould which stretches it to a size and its sole is often made of truck tyre. Moreover, it is a semi closed sandal which can be used with any kind of clothes either Shalwar kameez or Jeans, these days.

Khussa is produced mainly using vegetable-tanned leather by artisans. The uppers are made of a single piece of embroidered leather or textile and embellished with brass nails, mirrors, bells and ceramic beads. Even the bonding from the top to the sole is carried out by a cotton thread that is not only eco-friendly, but still quite deeply entangles the leather fibres. Bright and ornate threads are often found in some commodity lines. Handmade by some of Pakistan’s finest artisans, PakBargain brings to you a line of handcrafted fine leather footwear that speak the charm of a true old school artisan with the fashion aesthetics

Rugs & Carpets

Pakistan is famous for its delicate carpet designs, and its specialty is that they are hand made with highest quality of wool, silk and cotton. These carpets are made in different regions but areas near Iran and boarder of Afghanistan has the most artisan making these beautiful carpets and rugs of its own kind.
The dominating colors of these carpets are red and blue together with other colors to flourish its unique designs.

Ceramics & Pottery

When it comes to art and craft, pottery stands out for its appealing and elusive art. Covering small decorative pots to kitchenware, it has huge range variety and distinct. Pottery which is also known as ceramic art, is made with clay using incredible skills and abilities molded into beautiful vessels, vase and much more. The pots are then decorated magnificent designs. Each region has its own tactic, Multan is historically rich civilization and is popular for its blue pottery. The delicacy has roots from Persian and Turkish culture.