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Places to Buy Truck Art products

Truck Art – A Life Full Of Art .

If you have ever been to Pakistan, Afghanistan, or India? If yes, you probably have seen colorful, traditional, and beautiful hand painted trucks moving on highways or within the city. Every country has its own unique way but among all those 3 countries, Pakistan Truck art is known worldwide. Truck Art from Pakistan is recognized all over the world for its appeal and unique sense of artistic taste. Trucks in Pakistan are adorned with drawings from local folk lore all over their bodies, giving them a Pakistani appearance instead of a truck that was built overseas. Truck art is one of the most famous in the western world and truck art handicrafts by local artisans of Pakistan is one of the most exports of Pakistan. Truck art is not only on trucks, but it is now on different items le Rickshaws, plates, lanterns and many more There are many online marketplaces where you can buy beautiful handicrafts of Pakistan.
Some of my favorites are listed below.

1. Mohenjoz

MOHENJOZ is one of the most famous online marketplace for handmade products. It is an e-commerce solution intended to make it simpler for innovative and cultural workers in Pakistan as an equal marketplace where vendors from across Pakistan are invited to connect internationally with prospective customers. It has different art and crafts products. Everything from truck art to brass work is available here. Check out website to check amazing products.


2. Gul Khan

Gul Khan is one of the most famous online marketplace for truck art. Gul Khan has only one motive to be remembered in every corner of the world so that we can tell his people what his talents are worth. Gul khan have varieties of products for truck art. Not only truck art kitchen products but from bookmarks to candles everything of truck art is included here. International shipping available. Get your hand on it, you will not regret. Every product is uniquely crafted. Check out their website below.


3. Pak Bargain

Pak Bargain is an online marketplace for handicraft from Himalayan region. Pak Bargain have different beautiful truck art products which cannot be found anywhere. Pak Bargain puts Himalayan Region Artisans hard work up front, but also offers due recognition. Pak Bargain mission is to promote and recognize the contributions of Himalayan Region Artisans to produce an amazing piece of art. They bring the most beautiful handicrafts in every category that you wished for. From wall décor to truck art, they have everything. Among all, I like Pak Bargain and the most important that I like in this marketplace is that 5 percent of sale products money is donated to nonprofit organization. Those who can afford I will suggest buying from there as it will help others.


4. Redbubble

Redbubble was born in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. It is online marketplace for artists to sell their products. Art is something which attracts everyone but only few of them buy art and few of artists sell their works. It is marketplace which give chance to artists from all over the world to sell their art. Get truck art tees and different unique products of truck art. Get yourself beautiful tees and cushion covers only from Redbubble. Check out their website and search Pakistan truck art, you will get amazing products.


5. Bazarbee

The Marketplace seeks to create opportunities for small and medium-sized manufacturers to reach out to international markets and consumers. Marketplace which includes everything from clothing to sports everything under one category. All the products they have are mostly handmade. They have beautiful truck art product. It empowers women to work for themselves. It provides local artists empowerment and enhance their skills.