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The Modern Day Luxury Pashmina Shawls

The modern day is fast as it’s fashion. People tend to wear what makes them feel distinguished and unique in a positive manner. Now, ethnic and classical fashion is blended with modern fashion which has reshaped the way people stereotype certain pieces of cloth. Pashmina shawls are the ones which have been stereotypically associated with a certain age group. But now the time has changed, people prefer convenience over anything and going out with your own kind of style is the most convenient of all. If you agree to us?
Well, where the time and preference has changed there people like more and more options to customize the options according to their taste. Taking it into consideration, the pashmina yarn has been used for more than a simple one design shawl. There are several new kinds of it that have been introduced in the market in accordance with the weather, affordability and styling.
Here we have few of them for you to explore:

1. Plain Pashmina Shawl

One of its own kind, plain, warm, smooth yet elegant. A perfect complementary wrap for the winters mostly available in all the colors. These shawls are plain, without any embroidery and fancy work. These shawls are light in weight but warm enough for the cozy winter night walk. These shawls are preferred with the formals and in formals to compliment the overall look. In the winter weddings, it comes as a savior as it does not let the heavy coats and sweaters ruin the whole look, they are enough to cover the body and make you feel comfortable.

2. Ombre Pashmina shawls

Ombre is such a beautiful pick, as it makes you settle well in a look if you need to try something new, not so ordinary, but not extra. The tie and die on the pashmina shawls are a bliss in the winters as they are best for some outdoor occasions. Ombre is a plain shawl without any kind of embroidery but still manages to give a subtle look for a party. The tie and die is mostly a combination of two colors splitting from each other. They go perfect with long and short frocks and causal looks as well.

3. Reversible Pashmina Shawls

What’s better than one? Two, right?
It looks like a marketing deal which does no harm to you because you can enjoy two different styles and designs in one buy. The reversible pashmina shawls became a huge success when introduced in the market. It brought the idea to use the same piece with two different towns on either side.
The great thing about it is that colors on each side is totally different to the other side and is so manageable with it’s light weight. There are other styles for the reversible as well, which includes embroidery with totally different patterns on the both sides.

4. Pattern Pashmina Shawls

As the name is quite self explanatory, this pashmina shawl is a lavish winter ensemble. The simple and elegant patterns added to the shawls give them a unique look which can opt for a dress you are going to wear in the winter evening. These patterns are usually made of contrasting colors. The combination of colors and patterns are worth wearing, as they are trendy, classical and modern at the same time.

5. Embroidered Pashmina Shawls

The oldest and authentic kind of Pashmina is the one with embroidery over it, overall the shawl or only on borders these shawls are the trademark as they belong to the era when Pashmina actually got recognition. It has been the picks of royals, in fact they were the only ones who could afford such luxury back in the age, and to no ones surprise, they are still a luxury. They fine quality stuff needs to be treated with such a delicacy , embroidery on that stuff needs one to be meticulous and master in this skill. It adds the perfection to the look, in the south Asia brides take Pashmina shawls on their big day to compliment their look while leaving their parents home. It’s a must buy for every one who loves the ethnic and classical clothes. For more details please visit PakBargain’s official website pakbargain.comand social Media sites, Facebook and Instagram.