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The reviving art of Kashi Kari

As the caption seems to be untrue but the fact is that there are such platforms working solely with the purpose to revive this art of Kari in the Subcontinent, and introduced to the world in the most modern way possible. That is why, now, Kashi Kari is not limited to walls, ceiling and floor of the buildings but on tables, plates and other decorative items.

The art of Kashi Kari is rare, as much as it is beautiful. It requires artisans to have meticulous nature and look into the details. Before we move forward, let’s talk about the little history of kashi Kari and how it made its way into art.
Kashi Kari is a handicraft which means the work of ceramic . History has seen so many buildings made of Kashi Kari, in fact, it is not only famous in South Asia but European artists also possess the skill set required for Kashi Kari. But the thing Mughals had for Kashi Kari is quite visible, as all the Mosques, Palaces and Shrines made in the era of Mughals, either have entirely beautified with kashi kari or partially, some parts of the buildings.

Kashi Kari is not the art of Modern day, it is known as the ancient art. But as the demand of the hour has arisen, artisans turned the same art, once only belonging to the walls, on the other items of decoration. The craftsmen have put their extra effort and made unique pieces of art. These art pieces include tiles, frames, tables, trays and what not.

The amazing thing about the Kashi Kari is that it does not look like an ancient art. If it makes a place into your room or Living area, it will definitely upgrade the space and it’s overall look. Moreover, these art pieces are not high maintenance, and can be cleaned with a simple piece of cloth.
In the recent time, Kashi Kari, also known as Mosaic Art made its way into Europe. The captivating art is famous as modern Mosaic in the western world. As Kashi Kari, once again became successful in grabbing the world’s attention. The local artisans of South Asia seek our support and acknowledgement.

Now is the time that we extend our assistance, not only to the artisans of these beautiful crafts, but also to the Art itself. There are small and large forums, like PakBargain, who have taken the initiative to introduce such artisans. These are the ones away from the online market or lack the resources to make their online appearance. Such artisans are gathered at one place to be recognized and appreciated for the skills they have. The process of globalization is fast and is expected to take place in the physical markets one day, so in order to make these businesses survive they should be supported.

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