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Top 5 Premium Quality Pashmina Online Sellers


Sanaullah is one of the oldest store dealing with leading brands of South Asia. It was established back in 1958, and since then they are renowned for their premium quality product and top-notch customer services. Sanaullah never took a rest after it’s launch and always preferred evolving with the time and customer market, it became the reason they decided to go onboard and make their brand Global so every person in the world can reach out to their products.
One of the their best selling product is pashmina shawls, the fine handmade pashmina shawls are available with huge variety in colors, designs and patterns. Their customers put order from each corner of the word just because of their trustworthy relationship and word of mouth made them famous among all the south Asians as well as foreigners . They have their online platform to buy their quality products.Visit Sanaullastore.com


Pashmina.com is a Delhi based virtual platform for modern yet elegant handwoven shawls and neck wrap choices. They stepped into the market with the aim to revive the concept of sustainability in the times of fads. The founder, varun, remained true to his plan which led to pashmina.co's acknowledgment around the globe. They have set the benchmark for the existing sellers as well as the newcomers into this area.
Pashmina.co changed the stereotypical mindset about the pashminas to be worn by only a restricted age group. They introduced more creative ways of styling which includes wearing it it with any kind of attire, formal or causal. They have recently introduced a new brand under their umbrella, known as Pashm a Luxury brand, targeting the passionate admirers of cashmere yarns with delicate and incredible designs. For more details click here.


Kashmir Shawl is an online seller of Pashmina shawls, exclusively dealing in the niche for the past 3 decades, successfully. They stepped into the business to assure the availability of quality cashmere shawl around the world.
They deal in a variety of shawls but Pashmina has been their trademark since the start. Kashmir shawl has kept bars high with their premium quality products, they deal with shawls made from the wool of changthangi or pashmina goat breed.


The story of the pashmina store came into life in the year 2000, with a clear ambition to blend the modern day fashion with classical touch, it turned as the cornerstone to their valuable virtual market appearance, today.
They not only introduced the shawls made of pashmina limited to women's wear but they stretched it out of the way and introduced the new kind of chic and modern styling with them for men and women.
The Pashmina shawl was keen to keep their pieces plain and elegant for the people living abroad as per their liking. They introduced the most amazing collection of Shawls, head wraps, neck wraps and scarves.
The idea was to have maximum choices available for the buyers and keep them satisfied from their purchase. These items are exclusively handcrafted, made from the wool of Nepali-an goats.


Pakbargain is a unique online seller of handmade crafts and one of them is fine Pashmina shawls. The aim of the online platform is not to earn profit only over the work of hardworking artisans, Himalayan region, but also give them a fair chance and compensation to display their skills. PakBargain maintains the high quality of their products and makes sure the satisfaction of their customers.
The wool and yarn used to make pashmina shawls is of pashmina goats. This wool is collected and spinned with hands because of their fragile nature; each process is monitored to maintain the premium quality of the fine shawl. The collection is available for both, men and women.
PakBargain has a variety of Pashmina shawls at a very reasonable price. They have customers from all over the world as they do international shipping. For more information please visit PakBargain’s official website Pakbargain.com and social Media sites, Facebook and Instagram.