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Top 8 Handicrafts Online Shops

1.Worldwide Overseas

India based online shops promoting handicrafts , locally made, by the skilful artisans of the country. The rich and old culture of the subcontinent has always been the source of attraction for the foreigners. The art pieces are not merely made to be sold for the purpose of monetary value but they hold the thousands of old cultural elements in them.
This business resides in one of the oldest cities of India, Amritsar, providing a platform to thousands of artisans to earn and get recognized through their work. The number of crafts being sold on the site, delivered worldwide, includes Shawls, Jewellery and beautiful masterpieces made of crystal and metal for Home decoration. Click https://worldwide-overseas.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral to visit their website.


Saneens is a UK based handicraft retailer, putting effort to revive the endangered cultural art and artisans of Asia, especially South Asia. The handmaiden belongs to different categories, starting from Kuchi Afghani dress and jewellery to men's shawl and hats. These handicrafts are out there online https://www.saneens.com/contact-us/ to introduce and get acknowledgement from all over the world, indeed the virtual appearance is helping in the cause.

3.Tourquoise Mountain

Turquoise is built on the base to revive the historic areas and traditional crafts of Asian and Middle eastern regions. They get their labour skills and education alongside the work they do, which helps the community in long terms.
They are handcrafting the products locally, in the small areas and cities of the countries like Afghanistan and Myanmar. Rugs and Ethnic jewellery has been their most loved crafts so far. https://www.turquoisemountain.org

4.Asian handicrafts

The Nepal based merchandising, supporting their local artisans, and promoting the art pieces made and famous in Asia. The ultimate solution in the age of global village, beautiful artifacts just a click away. The Asian Handicraft has a range of handmade goods including woolen Pashmina shawls, Woolen scarfs and Woolen knitted shawls. Visit http://asianhandicrafts.com for more info.


Seniiku is a word from the language sanskrit which means trusting the process of art creation and believing the idea behind the artwork. The seniiki is promoting the trend of made in Asia for years to encourage the art lovers to appreciate the other parts of the world as well. This Indian based is a marketplace for the artisans to introduce their skilled work and capitalize it as well. The crafts and art pieces have gotten another chance to get acknowledged for recognition which is due for many years. Visit https://seniiku.com/pages/about-us to support the idea of believing in arts.


Thailand belongs to the one of the countries who are appreciative to art and skill, alongside the rich cultural and traditional values. The Franag has introduced the items of South Asian antiques in the UK and through its virtual appearance it is approachable for everyone in the world. They deal with antiques and handicraft goods especially made in the region of South Asia. This includes artwork made of wood, Bronze, Stones and ceramics, which are rare to find nowadays. The virtual home to the stores is https://www.farangshop.co.uk/pages/our-antique-website.

7.Pak Bargain

An effort towards the accessibility of quality products with convenience and comfort. Pakbargain is indulge in this area of recreational activities to support and promote the local artisans of south Asia. A platform that not only provides the place to put their crafts in but fairly compensated for the skill and work they do. Pakbargain has a quality assurance for the ones landing on their page.
The idea is to appreciate the art made in the streets of Asia and introduce it to the other parts of the world. The wide range of crafts are having their presence on the website https://pakbargain.com. Starting from the ethnic jewellery to the hats of the Chitral, every delicate piece of art is there.

8. Castullys

Castullys is an online shop for the Asian Handicrafts in the heart of Scotland. The main goal of the castullys is to be a promoter of the South Asian ethnic culture in the European countries. The online shop has all the best of handicrafts as well as spices of south Asia. They have huge collection artefacts which can be used as a gift on special occasions. Moreover, the art pieces are directly imported from India and other regions of south Asia, which itself becomes the centre of attention for art lovers around the world. https://www.castullys.co.uk for further details