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Handmade Traditional Polyster Ajrak  Sindhi Craft

Handmade Traditional Polyster Ajrak Sindhi Craft

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Sindh Has A Versatile Work Of Art, Renowned Inside And Outside The Country. The Fine And Creative Designs Made Of Thread And Mirrors Is A Pure Representation Of Sindhi Culture. Ajrak Is A Vital Part Of The Sindhi Attire But The Origin Of The Ajrak Can Be Marked Out From The Ancient Times Around 2500 Bc – 1500 Bc. Sindhi People Have A Special Sentiment And Association For The Ajrak And They Use Ajrak From Cradle To Grave. Pak Bargain Brings You This Beautiful Sindhi Polyster Ajrak. 

Handmade Traditional Polyster Ajrak  Sindhi Craft

Material: Polyster

Craft: Sindhi Craft 

Origin: Sindh

Measurements: LxW = 82″ x 54″ (6.5ft x 4.5ft)

Product Weight: 0.4 kg

UOM: Piece