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About Us

Pak Bargain, the name self-explanatory, is an online plate form built for the convenience of the online shoppers. It has not left any part of the market to be out of your reach, starting from Apparels to Real State to Export Gallery everything is one touch away. Pak Bargain took the responsibility to show the true side of Pakistan to the whole world through its quality and unique products, nowhere to be found in the world. We have presence on every social media plate form to be available 24/7 to our customer. Moreover, the daily update in our online store does not let the customer leave our shop without buying anything. The reason behind it is that we regularly introduce with best products in the market. Our business model is made in a way to ensure that every individual can find suitable solution to their need with best quality and price. www.pakbargain.com is our online shop which leads to other social sites as well.


Pak Bargain is an ultimate requirement of every individual. The clutter of deals and discounts available on the internet these days are confusing and deceitful, sometimes. We believe that you should be aware of the ins and outs of the market and choose the product without any worry of the quality and price. We bring deals, discounts and Products to you which are not only the best available in the market but as well based on the testimonials of the users and customers. We recommend products from authentic brands, which are considered as the top notch Brands of Pakistan. This is how we meet the requirement of quality management not only that, the fresh discounts on their items are also available on our website, every day. The hassle of visiting each brand’s website and filtering for the ones on sale is not great experience. So we brought solution to your problem in the face of Pak Bargain.


Export gallery is a main feature of Pak Bargain. This initiative was not taken only to introduce our distinct heritage and its generations old art work to the world but also provide benefits our artisans for their skill and hard work. The local crafts were neglected to the limit of extinction because of the skill set requires a lot of hard work and dedication. The neglecting behaviour of the media and exporters discouraged the furtherance of the hand made products. Pak Bargain is well established plat form for all the artisans, working in every part of the country to sell their products on our website and aware the world about the sides of Pakistan they never knew. The export gallery has various products, distinguished on the basis of material and grafts. It starts with textile products and ends on the mosaic mirror work. Each product line is based on the delicacy of the art work of our local artificer. Our one of the bestselling is Track Art, the type of art which is inspired by the times of Mughals in the subcontinent. The kind of paintings and embellishment their carriage had is quite similar to today’s truck art. The vibrant colour selection and intricate art work makes It unique to the level of international recognition. It is usually displayed on the toy trucks, Rickshaws and lanterns.


We clear the lot of discounts available out there and bring the most eligible product on the front, based on the reviews of the customers. This is a continuous update of each of our social site, including Facebook and Instagram. It is not restricted to just these two but we also create videos including the significant specifics of the products. Those videos can be found on the YouTube. We have expanded our reach to international shopping site like Etsy and Amazon, our aim is to provide convenience to our customers, Local or international.