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About Us

PakBargain is a unique platform, designed to provide convenience to online buyers of buying handmade crafts. It is an idea that helps your decision-making fun as you get to have number of options, holding stories of different cultures and traditions. Pak Bargain took the responsibility to show the true side of South Asia to the whole world through its quality and unique products, nowhere to be found in the world.

Our business model is made in a way to ensure that every individual can find suitable solution to their need with best quality and price, is our online shop which leads to other social sites as well.

Our social media presence is quite happening as we have a dedicated team available 24/7 to our customers, also you get to see a lot of new products addition in our gallery, regularly.
Moreover, the daily update in our online store does not let the customer leave our shop without buying anything. The reason behind is that we regularly introduce best products with nest price in the market.


Pak Bargain is an ultimate solution of the individual who loves handmade artifacts but doesn’t have the access to the regular physical stores. Understanding the reservation of the individuals living on the other pole of the world about the quality and originality of the crafts, we have a reliable system where you can claim your money back, if the product is not up to the mark. We provide our customers a detail information about the products in the description and also, have our team to satisfy their queries, right there and then.

We display products from a diverse background carrying rich cultural history. We deal in handmade carpets, leather products, and truck art.

Our gallery features the unique and exceptional skillset of the local South Asian Artisans. This initiative was not taken only to introduce our distinct heritage and its generations old art work to the world but also provide benefits our artisans for their skill and hard work.

The local crafts were neglected to the limit of extinction because of the skill set requires extensive hard work and dedication. The neglecting behaviour of the media and exporters discouraged the furtherance of the handmade products, and the lack of support from the respective governments also deteriorated the condition of the artisans.

Pak Bargain is well established setup for all the artisans, working in every part of the world, willing to sell their products on our website and aware others about the unappreciated art and skills existing in South Asia.

Our gallery has various products, distinguished based on material and crafts. It starts with handmade carpets and ends on the truck artwork. Each product line is based on the delicacy of the crafts of our local artificer.

Our one of the bestselling is Track Art, the type of art which is inspired by the times of Mughals in the subcontinent. The kind of paintings and embellishment their carriage had is quite similar to today’s truck art. The vibrant colour selection and intricate artwork makes it unique to the level of international recognition. It is usually displayed on the toy trucks, Rickshaws, and lanterns.